Making my electric longboard legal in Germany

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Making my electric longboard legal in Germany

Post by EVO » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:58 am

My plan is to find a way to make my longboards legal in Germany.
For that I studied which vehicles are already legal that are powered by an electric motor. And I came across the “Smart Ped” kick push scooter.
As a couple of you know you would need a license plate for electric vehicles which go faster than 6 km/h and accelerate on their own.
So the “Smart Ped” doesn’t accelerate. It only holds the speed like a cruise control. And also the motor has a max power output of 250 Watt and max speed of 25 km/h.
So I was thinking about the same behavior for my electric longboard. You would have to push on your own but it could hold the speed with 250 watt and stops giving power above 25 km/h.

So is started to look in the code of the Vesc and finally found a way to program this by changing the firmware.
I made the first test runs and still need to do some fine adjustments but it looks very promising, only the
max speed settings are not yet included.

So the behavior is as described:

No acceleration
When the trigger is pulled the board tries to keep the speed
Power of the motor is limited to 250 watts (limited by software, so any motor is fine)
When the board can’t keep the speed (up hill) then the board will only try to keep the actual speed:
e.g. before hill 20 km/h, on top of the hill 15 km/h because 250 watts was not enough so you would continue rolling with 15 km/h on the flat. To be faster you need to push again and pull the trigger again
when the trigger is not touched then it rolls freely
full brake power available (saferthan a non-powered board)
above 25 km/h the motor can’t be activated
Does anybody see a reason why this shouldn’t be legal then. Because “Smart Ped” kick push scooter does the same thing and it is allowed. But maybe I missed something.

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Re: Making my electric longboard legal in Germany

Post by Booster » Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:07 am

By my studies it is only important that the power on the shaft gives max 250 Watts in average (whatever average means here, so small pikes are allowed).
Also a motor can't be regulated because then you could power it with a higher voltage battery and it would give again more power. And there is no law for the battery. So the regulation must be on the output power. Not the power the motor might can produce.

And you only need insurance when it accelerates to more than 6 km/h. But my modifications doesn't allow that. It only keeps the speed, so it is only a assistance. E-bikes till 25 km/h and 250 watts are also only allowed because they assist you when you push the peddle instead of accelerating on their own. And they need no insurance.
The "Smart Ped" does the same, and it is legal.

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