Remote /Board should use Eventual Consistency not just issue commands

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Remote /Board should use Eventual Consistency not just issue commands

Post by Nick » Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:46 pm

Evolve Suggestion

A lot of the safety issues reported could be explained as gear selection problems.

The protocol between board and deck has fundamental design flaws and a new protocol should be designed around something which is Eventually Consistent.

The remote should not send a command to the board which is GearUp/GearDown but instead should have FastToGT, GtToFast, FastToEco and EcoToSlow etc.

The remote should know what the current gear is of the board and issue commands from that gear to the next. It should not assume a gear has been reached after a command is sent but wait for confirmation by the board.

The two of these mean that there is no way that a user can end up in a gear which is more than one away from what is currently displayed on the screen and felt through their feet.

As an example if the user was in Fast and pressed down twice and there was some kind of connection glitch the remote would send FastToEco and then FastToEco, again... the first command to be receiving would be executed and the second would get rejected. With the current design we believe both commands are executed.

The remote should also display that commands are still outstanding when they are. You need to think properly about this in failure circumstances and design an adequate protocol for this.

The current protocol design is dangerous during failure scenario, a design based on the above principals is safer in all circumstances.

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