Forum Guideline: Vendor Transactions and Complaints

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Forum Guideline: Vendor Transactions and Complaints

Post by Jason » Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:36 am

The moderators of the forum have created a new forum guideline to help keep the forum useful and informative. Members are now asked to send order inquiries directly to the vendor, either by email and\or PM instead of creating a new thread on the forum. Group buys established through the forum are an exception.

Complaints about order delays, refunds, and other problems should also be handled via direct message or email with a vendor. To follow the guideline, simply refrain from starting posts about those issues directed at vendors in the threads; DM (direct message) them instead.

As SK8 DIYEBOARD grows in popularity there are lots of new builders buying parts. Many SK8 DIYEBOARD vendors are here on the forum. The forum is meant for sharing ideas and knowledge with the global SK8 DIYEBOARD community. The forum is not a place to publicly press a small vendor or to vent frustrations about orders.

Posts and threads about shipping delays and deals-gone-wrong typically have no generalizability to the whole community. In years to come, we want the forum to be filled with useful information, not posts about orders and refunds.

Many of the threads on the forum take an immediate nosedive when someone starts complaining repeatedly about a vendor transaction. Here are some examples of things to DM your vendor about, instead of creating a topic about it:

Waiting for a part and annoyed that it hasn't arrived
Vendor didn't respond fast enough to your text/email/phone call/smoke signal
You want your money back
You are angry about a transaction and you want to insult a vendor
Members should write about experiences with vendors if the community can benefit. You can post if it is civil, informative, and truthful. Vendors are welcome to share information about order batches in a one-to-many communication.

As always, any posts that include name-calling, threats, or "trolling" (repeatedly complaining about the same problem) will be deleted at the discretion of the forum moderators. We also generally feel that screen caps of private communications are not appropriate. We will review member accounts for this behavior, and consider suspending accounts if needed.

Hopefully everyone can agree to this improvement. We all want the same thing; to learn, build, and ride!

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